Get free money using Merito.

0. Preface

  • Use a PC (laptop not recommended) with a decent graphics card (ex. Nvidia 1080, 1070. Amd 480, 580) or your typical gaming computer
  • Don’t use an old PC or one without a graphics card as electricity fees will be more expensive than earnings

1. Set Up

  • Go to and click download at the top right corner
  • Sign up and download the .exe
  • Afterward, run the .exe and install Merito
  • Follow the tutorial
  • Type in your email address that you signed up with earlier
  • Adjust your settings on the right of the start bar

2. Mining

  • Click start and you should see a speed and approximate month earnings
  • As you continue mining you should see your balance bar change
  • You can withdraw PayPal when you reach one dollar
  • Click pick a reward to choose between an assortment of items if you don’t just want PayPal dollars

3. Done

  • If you have any issues feel free to contact me at or join merito’s discord where you can find help from the creator of merito

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