How to make a cryptocurrency faucet.

0. Preface

  • A bitcoin faucet is a website that allows visitors to put their bitcoin wallet in and get small bits of bitcoins (satoshis) for free
  • The Business Model-Gain traffic by giving visitors free bitcoins and visitors click on the ads on your site, helping you gain profit

1. Hosting

  • Go to or any other hosting service.
  • Sign up and then log in to your account
  • Then create a free website using the plus button or manage the website they provide
  • Then click the “Upload Your Own Website”
  • You will then be brought to a page that looks like a file folder with “.htcaccess” (Leave this tab open we will come back to it)
  • This is your public_html folder

2. Script

  • There are many great scripts out there, free and paid
    • The best free one, in my opinion, is the Faucetinabox script and will be what we will be using for this tutorial
    • The best paid one, in my opinion, is the GR8 Script
  • Go to
  • Click Install Now

3. Setting Up

  • Go back to your tab with .htcaccess
  • Click the upload files button at the top right corner
  • Tick the “select files” button and submit the zip you downloaded from faucetinabox
  • When the file is uploaded, click the extract button
  • Click extract again on the popup
  • When you are done go inside the faucetinabox folder until you see this page
  • Tick all the files and right click, then click move
  • Click the change destination and change the destination to public_html

4. Database

  • Open another tab with 000Webhost and log in.
  • Click manage your website.
  • On the top of the page, tick the manage database
  • Click “New Database”
  • Type in any name, username, and password
  • Remember your password!
  • Then write down your database’s name, username, password and the hostname
  • Wait for the database to finish creating and return to your folder tab
  • Right-click “config.php” and tick edit
  • Edit the dbhost, dbuser, dbpass, and dbpass with your database that you created earlier (Make sure that you type in the quotes and don’t delete the quotes)
  • When you are done save the file and close

5. Configuring

  • Go to yourwebsitename.whatever/admin.php
  • Write down or remember the password they give you (used to access admin page) and click “click here to continue”
  • Type in the password they just gave you, fill out the captcha, and login
  • Click the box below the “service” text and select any one of these micro wallets
    • is one of the most trusted microwallets out there
  • Go the website of whatever micro wallet you selected and obtain the API key (REQUIRED TO START FAUCET)
  • Afterward, paste your key into the box under the “Service API key” on your website.whatever/admin.php and configure the rest of your website (etc. Timer, Rewards and their chances, Currency, Ref Earnings)
  • Then, head to Captcha and select which Captcha service you want and obtain their API keys (REQUIRED TO START FAUCET)
  • You can scroll up and configure other parts of your faucet to add ads and fix security
    • Otherwise, your faucet should be good to go (MAKE SURE TO FILL YOUR MICROWALLET WITH FUNDS SO YOU CAN PAY YOUR VISITORS)

6. Extras

  • Look into ads to fund your wallet:
    • Good ad sites
      • Try when your Alexa Rank is better than 1,000,000
  • If you have any issues contact me at

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