How to mine bitcoins on your computer.

0. Preface

  •  Nicehash Miner does not payout in other cryptocurrencies but instead with Bitcoins
  • I do not recommend you to mine bitcoins with a old laptop or PC as algorithms today require powerful graphic cards
    • Mining with CPUs are often not very profitable. Stick with graphics cards if possible.
  • can you give estimates on the profitability of some graphic cards
    • I recommend you check if your graphic card is on their list. If not, I implore you to do your research on your PC’s graphics card and not waste your electricity bill

1. Wallet

  • Head over to  or a wallet of your choice.
  • You can also make a Nicehash wallet have faster payouts
  • For many wallets there is usually a receive button that gives a strange string of numbers and letters, these combinations of numbers and letters are your wallet

3. Nicehash Miner

  • Download Nicehash Miner from
  • Open the installer and check the “I agree” to their TOS
  • When you are finished, open up Nicehash Miner

4. Configuring

  • Once you start Nicehash Miner, wait a few seconds or minutes (depending on your internet speed) for the program to download it’s necessary components in order to mine
  • After Nicehash Miner finishes downloading, click on wallet
  • On the line that says “BITCOIN WALLET ADDRESS”, copy the bitcoin address you obtained from your wallet
  • Then just click save

5. Benchmarking

  • Click on “hardware details” at the bottom left of the program
  • There you can see what graphic cards are available for you to mine with
  • After checking out what cards you can mine with, tick the slider which turns from gray to green
    • If you want to mine with that card, make sure the slider is green
  • Next, click the down arrow to the right of the available graphic cards
    • The “Algorithm” portion shows what algorithm your PC is mining. The “Speed” portion shows how your graphic card performs with that algorithm. The “BTC/Day” shows the approximate amount of bitcoins you generate per day with that algorithm.
  • If you want to benchmark one specific algorithm, make sure to click benchmark on the right of your algorithm (Can be used to re-benchmark algos after the initial benchmark). Otherwise, check the algorithms you want to benchmark together and click the green benchmark on top (on the right of “BTC/DAY”)
  • After you click benchmark, you are asked to specify how specific your benchmark should be. I usually select the “standard” benchmark but you can choose “precise” if you don’t want to lose bitcoins (not alot) and “quick” if you want to mine right away
  • Standard usually takes about 30 seconds per algorithm and when you are done with all the algorithms, return to the home page of the miner by clicking the gray “back” bar at the top left corner of your program

6. Mining

  • If you are going to run Nicehash Miner on more than one device, make sure to tick the worker button on the program and name your worker
  • Then, just click on the green start button on the right of the worker button
    • Stop mining by clicking the stop button
    • Nicehash Miner will use your graphic card to mine using the algorithm profitable to you based on current exchange rates
    • You can always turn off graphic cards for mining in the hardware details (tick the slider to gray)
    • The “DAILY ESTIMATED EARNINGS” show the approximate amount of BTC and USD you will make per day-can be changed to British Pound or other currencies. The “BALANCE” shows the current of amount of BTC and USD you have already mined. The “VIEW STATS ONLINE” can provide you with info on your next payout and daily earnings

7. Support

If you have any issues with mining with Nicehash contact me at Thank you!

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