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Currently, there are many great mining services out there. Most of them, however, require money to start off. Eobot, on the other hand, allows visitors to start cloud mining for FREE.

1. Setting Up



  • Most likely, your account will have 0 balance but thats fine because you have not mined anything yet.
  • Go to your top right corner and change the mining from BTC to GHS 4.0

  • Scroll down to see if you see this text


  • Click the blue Faucet button and you will be redirected to a captcha
  • Fill in the captcha and will be have FREE GHS (used on mine on Eobot)
  • Go back to your account and you should see some GHS on your GHS 4.0 at the bottom right corner


2. Mining


  • Return to your account and change the (Mining: GHS 4.0) to whatever coin you want to mine or even mine more GHS


  • You can always return to the faucet every day to get more free GHS or other types of coins
  • You can also buy GHS 4.0 from eobot
    • Go to “Products” and then click “Cloud Mining”, there you can purchase GHS if you want

  • If you have any issues feel free to contact me at


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