GPU Shortage

There has been a shortage of graphics cards, especially AMD branded ones, due to the rising amount of miners who hope to profit from Ethereum which has been at an all-time high. Nvidia graphics cards, however, are in stock but have become more expensive as a result of the cryptocurrency mining craze. If you want to mine Ethereum right now, your future may seem bleak. Nevertheless, there is a site that keeps track of what graphics cards are in stock and have links to where to purchase them. offers availability tracking of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards such as the popular Radeon 480. Additionally, you can track new techs such as the Nintendo Switch and the Microsoft Xbox One X.

(You can turn on the In Stock Alarm to make a sound alert whenever there is new stock. The other columns are self-explanatory)
If you scroll down the page, you will find “Recent in Stock History” which shows the most recent places that had the product and their price.

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