How To Get Free Ethereum Using Your Hard Drive (Full Tutorial)

0. Prerequisites


  • Ethereum Wallet
  • Hard Drive, USB, or any storage device (the larger the capacity, the larger the profit)


1. Storj



  • Follow the setup/installation


  • Click “start setup”


  • Type in the address that you want to receive payouts from

  • Click choose files and then choose the folder you want STORJ to run in. Normally I would just create an empty folder inside the hard drive I want STORJ to run in and use that.

  • Type in the number of GBs or MBs you want STORJ to use. (The larger the capacity, the larger the profit!)

  • On step 4, normal you can just click next without changing anything. However, if you do have something on port 4000, I suggest that you change the 4000, or randomize it.

  • Afterwards, you should be set to go. Click finish and you will be sent to the dashboard.

2. Endnotes

  • If you have any issues with the setup of Storj, feel free to contact me at
  • Storj payouts are sent every month
  • When you need to turn off your computer or hard drive, make sure to turn off your drive on STORJ first in order to prevent any data loss which INCLUDES PROFIT

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